Hello and welcome!
Hello and welcome!

Are You feeling let down by standard medical care?

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We are a Functional Medicine Practice: Diagnosing Treating and Encouraging
Women with Thyroid, Hormonal, Allergy and Gut Issues

If chronic problems are robbing you of productive days and restful sleep, you can feel better.  Have too-general lab tests failed to explain your symptoms? There are 23 indicators in the body for thyroid problems, for instance, but many physicians look at one or two. A Functional  Medicine approach is more thorough.

I had been very ill for many years and had been to every kind of doctor. Dr. Carrick helped me gain a higher level of function where no one else could. . . . She is a brilliant, caring, and gifted healthcare professional who has made a big difference in my life.*



*Individual results may vary

Dr. Karen Carrick

I practice personalized medicine because everyone has a unique physiology, diet and life experience. One of the earliest proponents of Functional Medicine in the Triangle area, I have over 20 years of experience and thousands of post-doctoral hours of training from Dr. Datis Kharrazian and the Institute of Functional Medicine. Using a combination of in-office diagnostic tools, genetic testing, and state-of-the-art lab tests, I look for healthy digestion, hormone balance, blood sugar regulation, immune-system strength, detoxification capability, musculo-skeletal stability, and proper nutrient status. 

I protect my patients’ time and resources by doing only targeted, diagnostic lab testing. My goal is to help patients be genuinely well, rather than for anyone to have to keep returning to me. 

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