Breast Health

Did you know the way your liver clears estrogen can determine if you are more or less likely to develop breast cancer?  You can be at a much higher risk to develop breast cancer if you have a higher ratio of 4-OH estrogens.  This can be from a genetic predisposition, from toxins from the environment, or from the lack of antioxidants to clear these hormones.  The Estronex test from Metametrix Lab gives measurements of how estrogens are cleared from your body.  The female hormone panel from Diagnos-Techs gives ratios of estrogen+progesterone/testosterone that gives an index for breast proliferation.  This same test also has an index for uterine proliferation measuring progesterone/estrogen ratios.  Both tests are essential if you are taking or are considering taking post menopausal hormone replacement therapy.   Menstruating women need the Estronex test.

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