Functional Medicine

Looking for more than the obvious, Dr. Carrick practices Functional Medicine, which is a smart, natural approach to getting well and staying well. Made famous by Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., Functional Medicine is a low risk/high reward alternative to pharmaceuticals for everyone: children, adolescents, women (during and after reproductive years), and men coping with hormonal changes.

Shadow behind leaves

Functional medicine looks beyond the obvious to examine hidden factors that can affect your health.

Doctors who practice Functional Medicine look at every body system and may be able to predict the future onset of disease and, possibly, to prevent it. For example, the body’s health is reflected in brain function.  Chronic physiological conditions, not aging, are often the culprit behind cognitive decline, in both the young and the old.

A traditional western medicine (Allopathic) doctor is taught to look at symptoms and to write a prescription to address those symptoms. Although there may be a temporary benefit to this, deeper problems often emerge.  The pattern is to prescribe yet another pharmaceutical for each new symptom.

By contrast, a Functional Medicine doctor looks at whole body systems using revealing diagnostic blood tests, takes the time to ask questions and listens carefully to the patient.  Dr. Carrick works to address the underlying causes of health disorders by bringing a strong understanding of how the whole body works together. She looks at hormone levels, liver function, GI tract function, and immune system function.

For example, if a patient’s health problem involves a hormonal imbalance, Dr. Carrick would ask and investigate:

  • Why are these hormones imbalanced?”
  • Is the imbalance due to poor liver function (a problem detoxifying)?
  • Is the imbalance from a GI tract problem?
  • Is the brain’s message to make hormones somehow impaired?
  • Are hormones being hijacked by another poorly-functioning system?
  • Is this person under a great deal of physical or emotional stress?

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