I sought out Dr. Carrick initially in 1999 because I was looking for a chiropractor who used applied kinesiology and nutritional supplements because I was overweight and felt miserable since my body wasn't working as well as it could. I already had a chiropractor at the time, so I thought I didn't need one of those. I was seeing my other chiropractor three times a week for lower back issues, and sometimes the adjustments didn't hold long enough for me to get to my car. I didn't see Dr. Carrick for chiropractic initially because I thought it would be too expensive since she wasn't on my insurance plan.

Nutritionally, Dr. Carrick helped me identify some foods that were causing me problems (a lot of foods that were causing me problems) and got me started on supplements that helped support my body. When my other chiropractor went on vacation, and my back needed adjustment, I went to Dr. Carrick for that. She not only adjusted my spine, she used applied kinesiology to determine which muscles to work on that would help the adjustment hold better and be more effective. I asked her when I should come for my next adjustment, and she said two weeks. I said "TWO WEEKS?" and she said "You can come back sooner if you need to." Needless to say, I didn't need to. In fact, with her adjustments and the nutritional supplementation that was helping my body work better, I got to the point where that back issue was not my primary issue anymore. (A side benefit was that paying for one office visit every two weeks with Dr. Carrick was MUCH cheaper than paying my co-pay three times per week at the other chiropractor.)

Over the years, I have seen Dr. Carrick for everything from fatigue and digestive issues, to back problems where my back went out completely, vertigo, anxiety and even whiplash after I was rear-ended in three different car accidents. (In fact, I called her from the scene of one accident where my head hit the headrest really hard, and she fit me right into her schedule. I never had a sore neck or any other problem from that accident, and I believe it was because she worked on all of the structural elements before they had a chance to get "stuck" the wrong way and she got me started on natural supplements that helped with inflammation.)

Dr. Carrick is the person I look to for my primary care. Not only are her rates extremely reasonable (you can pay her office visit fees for about the price of a co-payment), she offers diagnostic testing that you can't get at "the regular doctor." She is open-minded; she's a great listener and has assisted me in solving physical issues when other medical professionals said there was nothing wrong with me when I knew there was. She also has been quick to refer me to other health care professionals in the very few cases where she felt I needed some other treatment.

Dr. Carrick has a wide range of expertise, and a lot of different tools to work with. She has used a lot of them with me other the years! I trust her implicitly as one of the key people on my healthcare team and recommend her highly to anyone who is looking for a partner to assist them in solving their health issues and feeling great!

NB, Financial Professional
Durham, NC

I was referred by a neighbor who was impressed by her services. She uses many alternative therapies besides just manipulation like message therapy, Applied Kinesiology, memory recall and discovering deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. Dr Carrick takes care of my whole body always looking for the root problem which allows me recovery, not just temporary relief.

My 12 year old son got hurt playing soccer. He had debilitating pain in his back and was unable to pick up his leg to walk. The pediatrician prescribed prescription drugs and sent us home. Dr Carrick saw him that same day and identified the under lying problem. An injury that had occurred months earlier had lead to muscle tightness that had gone undetected until one kick at the soccer ball lead to muscle strain. When we left her office after the first visit, my son was in much less pain. She worked with him for several days, each visit he made significant progress. She referred us to a sports therapy trainer and the 2 of them worked together to completely rehab the root cause problem.

Dr Carrick continues to learn and stay up with the latest practices for alternative therapies. She is not afraid to have to look something up in my presence and answers my numerous questions about how and why I may have caused the problem we are discussing. She has taught me a great deal allowing me to be aware of situations that are likely to lead to the recurrence of a problem. Dr Carrick started treating my children for sports-related injuries when they were young – being able to relate to them so they not only understood what had happened but educated on proper nutrition and hydration and how it related to performance/injury. My children all know how to do injury recall on themselves.

She has met my expectations many times for my husband, children and me over the past 12 years. Over the years I have referred many friends and family members to her. They have always achieved a successful outcome.

RW, Registered nurse
Raleigh, NC

I was lucky enough to work with patients of Dr Carrick, and they recommended her highly. I first visited Dr Carrick for a sharp pain in my neck and pain in my arms. Dr Carrick is amazingly intelligent and has magic fingers! She knows exactly where to touch to stop the pain. If she cannot stop the pain, she will find out why her treatment is not working. She did stop my neck pain, but the pain in my arms would not go away. At that point, which I believe was only three visits, she started searching for the real cause of my arm pain. She attempted to take my blood pressure, which would not register and she concluded my problem was not muscular but vascular. She referred me to my family physician, and it was eventually determined that I have a very rare vascular disease. If not for Karen’s patience and perseverance, I could be dead!

Karen Carrick listens to her patients, has them fill out a very through questionnaire, and studies their answers and researches their problems. She is absolutely the greatest! I would recommend her to everybody I see with an ache or pain. If she can’t fix it, she will not send you away with no resolution. She is no regular doctor! She is wonderful!

Raleigh, NC

I was always embarrassed about how my face was always broken out. I had consulted dermatologist after dermatologist and the only thing they did was to sell me all manner of creams and continue to fill prescriptions for antibiotics.

I spent a lot of money on all of that and after taking course after course of those, my face was no better and my digestion was off to boot! I went to see Dr. Carrick and after doing several tests, she determined that I had food allergies. Well, after eliminating the offending food the difference is amazing! My skin is dramatically better, my digestion is back to normal, and I’m not taking unwanted medications any more. I highly recommend Dr. Carrick to anyone who wants to find the root cause of health problems and not just try to cover up symptoms.

Raleigh, NC

I feel like you've been such a huge part of my life and well-being for so long… Thanks so much for the role you've played in my life. I really don't know what I would have done without you. You are truly a blessing.

Hugs and all the success in the world!

Raleigh, NC

I have been a patient of Dr. Karen Carrick for over a decade. My initial goal was to keep my ankle in alignment and keep working. This mission was healed and surpassed. Dr. Carrick helped me maintain my overall health and wellness through her many talents.

She helped me succeed at my goal of staying off dialysis. She helped me with tests and wellness information. She also made dietary suggestions. These I did not always follow. But, what I believe what I did do made a difference in my over all wellness.

Thank you Dr. Carrick for always being there for me.

Raleigh, NC

I was struggling with dermatitis and Hashimoto’s Disease (an autoimmune disorder that attacked my thyroid gland and can progress to other organs). I also had peri-menopausal headaches, digestive problems, osteoporosis in my 50's, and hypoglycemia.

My internist had put me on Synthroid ten years prior to seeing Dr. Carrick. The Synthroid brought my thyroid levels into normal range, and I continue to use it; however, my internist never focused on how the autoimmune disorder was hurting my body.

Dr. Carrick gave me far more time, personal care, and useful information than any other doctor I’ve had. Unlike the standard fifteen minutes with my internist, she asked the right questions and took the time to listen to me.

I had no idea I was allergic to cow’s milk, for instance. Just eliminating cheese and cream from my diet has helped the digestive problems much, and the dermatitis has disappeared.

One simple saliva test revealed that my adrenal glands were completely depleted. Years of stress and being a caretaker had put a strain on my adrenal glands, and I need adrenal hormones for energy. Today, my adrenal hormones are normal, thanks to Dr. Carrick's care.

Another test showed that I wasn't absorbing enough nutrients from what I was eating. For years, I had spent much on supplements, but they weren’t being absorbed properly. I was wasting money, because my digestive tract needed to be healed first.

I am sold on Functional Medicine. I recommend Dr. Carrick to everyone I know who is struggling with chronic problems of any kind.

Apex, NC

Dr. Carrick is rare gem. I have been very ill for many years and had been to every kind of doctor yet Dr. Carrick helped me gain a higher level of function where no one else could. Dr. Carrick is a brilliant, caring, and gifted healthcare professional who has made a big difference in my life. That is because she pursues true healing over just managing symptoms. Her extensive training in kinesiology, chiropractic, and functional medicine combined with her desire to bring true healing (over just managing symptoms) uniquely qualifies her to truly be a healer.

Raleigh, NC

When I moved to this area from California I was looking for a Chiropractor who thought along the lines of my old chiropractor, one who did not come up with a long treatment program and expect me to return 3 times a week or then weekly for 6 weeks. I needed someone who would listen to me and get me back to my daily activities, my job and the sports I love in a timely manner without frequent trips to be "adjusted". I needed someone who was flexible and able to fit me into the schedule when I needed.

I have found all this with Dr Carrick, she is always ready to accommodate me and my schedule, I have found over the years that she keeps me physically balanced and able to continue with a busy life and work schedule and appreciate all the time she has spent with me.

LK, Registered Nurse
Raleigh, NC

When I recommend Dr. Karen Carrick to people, I remark on her holistic approach, her curiosity about what brings me to her office, and her continued research into and learning of new techniques. Each time I leave her office, I have a sense of peaceful energy and renewed vitality. She has been my chiropractor for over 13 years and I have traveled from Durham to North Raleigh to her last four offices.

MCB, Career Coach
Durham, NC

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