Body Health Check

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How Healthy Are You?

There are 8 key places to look for the root cause of a disease or disorder:

  1. Adrenal Glands (high or low cortisol and DHEA levels)
    Adrenals produce hormones that affect every organ & system in the body.  Stress wears down the adrenal glands, which results in a lack of energy.
  2. Blood Sugar Levels (hypoglycemia, diabetes, and insulin resistance)
    The pancreas uses insulin to control how much glucose (sugar) is in the blood.  Blood sugar affects concentration, energy, mood, and weight.
  3. Digestive Tract (parasite/bacteria problems, yeast overgrowth, damaged digestive tract lining)
    An inflamed or infected digestive tract causes digestive complaints and can be the catalyst behind other seemingly unrelated problems.
  4. Liver (any weakness in detoxifying the body)
    The liver “cleans” the blood of normal and harmful toxins.  Drugs, smoking, metals like mercury, a bad diet, and excessive alcohol put a strain on your liver.
  5. Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Balance (inflammation)
    Many people have too much of the inflammatory fats and not enough of the anti-inflammatory fats.  An EFA balance can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.  Avoid hydrogenated fats!
  6. Hormones (any problem making them, any imbalances)
    Depending upon age and gender, certain levels of hormones are necessary.  These hormones include thyroid, estrogens, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, and DHEA.  Hormones affect mood, energy level, sleep, weight, sexual interest and performance, physical strength, and our resistance to disease.
  7. Immune System (cancer, allergies, autoimmune disorders)
    The immune system should be quietly vigilant, like ready soldiers.  When there is a problem, it should attack; and when the problem is taken care of, it should become quiet.
  8. Structure (limited range of motion, muscle weakness)
    Persistent pain in the lumbar region, for instance, may indicate a problem with the adrenal glands.

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