My thyroid tests were normal.
But my thyroid wasn't.

Learn why thyroid dysfunction can make you feel tired all the time—even when tests say your thyroid is normal.

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Are you looking for answers to help you understand why you continue to feel so tired, even though your doctor says your lab tests indicate that your thyroid is functioning normally? If chronic health problems and energy problems are keeping you from having productive days, experiencing happy feelings, enjoying your relationships, and getting restful sleep, there is hope. There are other solutions your doctor may not have shared with you.

At Natural HealthCare & Diagnostics, Dr. Karen Carrick looks at all the clues of a thyroid disorder to help people who suspect they are suffering from thyroid dysfunction. Dr. Carrick employs Functional Medicine and chiropractic care in combination with recommended lifestyle changes. These changes may include a tailored regimen of natural supplements to help her patients reach optimal health. Many people have health conditions that have been unresolved though traditional western medicine, which frequently focuses solely on symptom treatment.

The Functional Medicine approach to diagnosing and treating thyroid problems can get to the root of the problem and get you back into fully enjoying life again. If you are ready to explore a more personally tailored, in-depth method of getting resolution to your health problems, please be prepared to undergo some diagnostic tests and make some lifestyle changes.

Using your health questionnaire and your diagnostic data as a guide, Dr. Carrick will work as a leading partner with you to determine and resolve the underlying causes of your medical condition. For years, she has studied the groundbreaking research of Dr. Datis Kharrazian, whose book Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, When All My Lab Tests Are Normal? is a current bestseller. With this, she has developed a deep understanding of thyroid problems and can approach the treatment regimen in a variety of ways, customized to your body’s condition and particular needs. Traditional western medicine typically looks at only one indicator (and not even the most likely indicator) to diagnose a thyroid problem – TSH level. There are actually 23 other indicators in the body that can be tested to diagnose a thyroid disorder.

Dr. Carrick looks for clues to bring real healing for any chronic condition.  She checks to ensure that patients have healthy digestion, hormone balance, blood sugar regulation, immune system strength, detoxification capabilities, musculo-skeletal stability, and proper nutrient status.

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